Phrase for 2014: “Be Open”

Be open to whatever comes next

2013 was an ok year, not the most incredible or amazing or unique – more pedestrian than anything. I expect 2014 to be far different with baby arriving in April. In fact, I think I have finally chosen my phrase for the year – have been thinking about it for a few weeks. With the baby coming and changes at work and having had for quite a while now a gnawing desire to do something different for my contribution to breadwinning, I have chosen “be open.” I can’t control what motherhood, work or the way I feel about any of it will be like, can’t control the offers of help and gifts and food and whatever (sounds dumb, but all of which are stressing me out) and need to be open to what will come and not try to so fiercely control everything, even controlling/planning my way out of every action. That includes letting my husband move ahead on the basement remodeling, a project I totally want to do but have been allowing anxiety to block any action (actually I think the anxiety is physiological and not really about the basement at all). So: “be open” = my mantra for 2014. Runners up included “flow” and “flexibility.”

Adventures for this winter break?  Today we went to brunch at Psycho Suzi’s – but only had coffee because we got the invite halfway through a homemade wafflefest!  🙂  Saw a number of friends, and enjoyed Brasa and a Cafe Latte dessert.  Still itching to go to MIA . . . 🙂

Memories to Cling To

I told a writing buddy about my idea for this blog, and when I’m feeling blue or like it’s kind of pointless because soon school will start and we’ll be buried in the slog of life, I remind myself of her words about my goal of “an adventure a day.”

I find it helps slow down time, so the brain has more memories to cling to.

That seems so important.  Lately I’ve felt foggy and clumsy.  I remind myself that even if my adventures feel small, that when I look back in many years, it will be these that I remember, not the drudgery of work, or vacuuming, or dishes, or whatever other things I allow to get in my way.

Some recent adventures!

1) New restaurants and desserts tried and added to Twin Cities Gluten Free!

2) Walking the dogs on the Minneapolis side of the river.  There is an ongoing joke that St. Paulites don’t go to Minneapolis and vice versa, and it’s remarkably true!  This might seem like a mini mini mini adventure given how close we really do live to Minneapolis, but it was important because as we were watering the community garden plot, I declared to my husband that we were going to try a new dog walking spot, but didn’t tell him that I actually had no idea where that spot would be, and he didn’t ask.  Normally he would need to know exactly what I might have in mind.  So we drove across Lake Street bridge and down the West River Road and ended up right at the oak savanna in the Mississippi River gorge.  Beautiful.  This unique ecosystem is only a fraction of 1% of the oak savanna that used to exist in MN.  Fire suppression allowed the areas to turn into oak forests instead.  One of my favorite orgs, Friends of the Mississippi River, has volunteering opps to help maintain the area.  It was fun because I’d heard of it, but didn’t know that was exactly the spot where it was at, and we weren’t looking for it or anything.

3) In crochet news, I learned the popcorn stitch to make the flower on this hat.

Easy hat and easy flower made from donated yarns for Team Yarn.

4) Reading the Harry Potter series!  I only saw the first two movies and now I am on book #4 so even though it is old to the rest of the world, it is new and exciting to me.  🙂

5) Yoga.  Tried a new studio and have gone twice and enjoyed the class both times.  The vinyasa class I did today was difficult.  Hopefully continued practice will help with my balance.  Uffda!