Churchy transformations

Wild hair alert: I have been thinking about rehabbing churches.  Not in a “planning to rehab a church” kind of way, just about the topic in general.  There are some cool churches-turned-homes in our area – I should try to shoot some and put them up.  In the neighborhood where my son goes to daycare, there is a church on every block, it seems, and they are all old and amazing and about half are defunct, because people don’t go to church like they used to in a working class neighborhood developed in the late 1800s/early 1900s.  So it was like a little teeny whisper idea, mainly because someone has transformed one into an “Art House” and that got my wheels turning.

Construction is in full swing in St. Paul, so today I tried a new route to daycare from work and noticed that this church (a Baptist church literally a block from a different Baptist church) is for sale!  I don’t know what I would do with a church.  23K square feet – classrooms, sanctuary, kitchen, fellowship hall – it would be fun to have a community gathering space that was really beautiful for classes, workshops, parties, etc.  But there are already places that fill that need!  It would be neat to make it into a home!  But not sure I have the vision for that kind of transformation.  Off to troll Pinterest, then, for church conversion ideas . . . 😉  Just where I need to be instead of in bed.  😉