What I love about my friend

I have a friend that I admire so much.  When formulating my yet-to-become-public statement of life purpose, I told my life coach that I know someone that embodies a draft purpose (close in intent, not the exact words I landed on).  She encouraged me to think about what was it about her that I admire so much.  So the other day when I had my deep and intense brain dump I wanted to write about this as well but was mentally exhausted.  So I saved it for today!

First of all, Friend is so genuine.  She is completely present.  Whenever I’m with her, which isn’t as often as I would like, I NEVER feel like she wants to be somewhere else.  She is always completely and joyfully simply right there with you.  Her capacity for listening is incredible.  She will make you feel like you’ve been heard whether you’re celebrating, kvetching or exploring unknowns.  Also, friend is the BEST, I mean THE BEST, hugger.  It goes back to being present.  You can just feel the esteem she holds for you in that hug.  She will also share her own trials, too.  She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s suffered from mental health issues or follows a strictly gluten and sugar free diet for many years because the repercussions for her health are ugly.  She has a lovely, imperfect life – it’s easy to identify with her.  I just love Friend and strive to be more like her – it’s helped to write out exactly in which ways.

One thought on “What I love about my friend

  1. I love meeting people who have traits I admire and need to incorporate in my own life. It helps to have a role model. Lately I seem to notice people who are calm and centred in all circumstances, are always kind, and don’t gossip or speak negatively. It reminds me what I need to work on.

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