Revised intentions

I took Life With Intention Online again, and wanted to capture my revised values-based intentions.  I feel compelled to create some art around them, but not sure how that will work.  Right now my craft room, where I can create things that won’t be destroyed by a toddler, is so crammed with crap it’s not usable without some big TLC first.  So we’ll see.  What’s got me thinking about this again is that after listening to almost all the episodes of Magic Lessons, I feel some urgency to get going on creation.  It’s a curiosity that must be followed, and in one of the episodes Liz talks about how unexpressed creativity will eat you alive.

Umbrella:  I am the fresh breeze that lifts you up.  (This encompasses many Values for me, including authenticity/realness, bravery, action, vulnerability).


  • Seek enough.
  • Focus on quality items that spark joy.

Personal habits:

  • Nurture my body as my lifelong home.
  • Feed my soul with nature, adventure and art.


  • Listen.


  • TBD.  “Fresh breeze” brings a lot of guidance for how I want to be in this area anyway, and my ego is going nuts about career lately.  I’m just going to sit with it for a while.

Your Thoughts?