I am in love with Elizabeth Gilbert

Sooooo I keep listening to podcasts with Elizabeth Gilbert in them.  I love her rawness, her humanity, her wisdom, her wit, her realness.  The latest one I listened to was with Rob Bell on the Robcast.  Literally they are just shooting the shit in his dining room.

What spoke to me:

  • Just take care of “your poor, tired, human animal body:” to the woman who is not finding time to write with her infant that is up all night.
  • When something is bothering you, to run it off/run it out.  Take a run, spew all the shit, and as you do it over time, it will take you less and less and less time to dump it all.  But it has to be dumped, it has to be said, even if to no one, or it will fester and become more powerful.  The other analogy – like putting it in a bucket and putting on the lid.  If you put on the lid and let it rot, it will be a worse situation than the initial grossness of just dumping it all out and naming what you see.  This didn’t just speak to me, it SCREAMED to me.

Your Thoughts?